Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Biggest Loser

When this season of The Biggest Loser started, I made a commitment and a public statement on Facebook that I was going to lose weight with the current contestants.

I remember the post.  I included my morning weight at that time and my measurements. 

Weight at that time=232

Weight this morning=233


I actually am sitting here giggling.  Oh well.  It wasn’t obviously a loss, I’m going to relish in the good of it.  It’s not 269 which is my highest weight recorded. 

A step further, I’m going to relish in the good of my life.  I am here.  I have survived two winter storms so far this season.  I am happy and going in a really good direction.  I am healthy, employed and loved.  233 is okay.  I ate well, including whole grains, calcium, lean protein and produce.  My husband and I ate leftovers tonight which means we made use of the food so we don’t waste and I find it lurking in this fridge next month (YIKES).  And we didn’t order out, spending needless money and eating most certainly more unhealthy than we did.  I did eat breaded chicken and fries (leftover from a celebratory supper last night at Hooters, but I ate the ½ of the chicken I didn’t eat last night without the bun (extra unneeded carbs, especially when I really wanted THE FRIES).  And I was starting to crave a Dairy Queen run, I wandered over to the fridge and got the fresh veggies that were already cut (YEAH FOR PREPPING!) and munched on celery and red pepper until I wasn’t ready to scarf the entire Blizzard menu.  It’s a couple hours later and I am hungry thinking about a snack.  Positive and negative choices spiral for me.  I am certain that because I feel good about filing myself up with raw veggies, I am primed for think about a handful of almonds (Emerald Dark Cocoa Roast…OMG) and a 2 Pointsplus point (PointsPlus is a Weight Watchers term…I get to eat 36 a day) .  My house is starting to look almost…GASP…organized!  I’m 38 years old and I don’t know that I ever could truly say that.  I’m finding ways to get my heart rate up almost every day (I let Jillian out of the box…but that’s another story) and I’m putting my Christmas tree up.  Life is good.

Oh…and if you aren’t an NBC watcher on Tuesday nights…The finale of Biggest Loser is on right now.  The biggest loss so far has been 50.59% of the starting weight.  50.50% is not what I have lost in this time period.  If you remember from the beginning of this post…I’ve lost…nothing.

I’ve gained a pound.
But I’ve also gained a whole lot more since this TV show started as well.  Life truly is very good.  I'm better prepared and ready to live a healthier life.  My husband and I have started doing more things together, both at home like cleaning and budget type conversations and in our outside lives.  He is teaching me karate and we are both starting to learn archery. 

My hero of The Biggest Loser this season is shockingly, Elizabeth.  She was lazy, whiny and ill prepared for the work that had to be done on the ranch and at home.  I hoped the cast would vote her off every chance they got.

She made it to the end.  She also made the largest emotional and psychological change out of anybody in the cast.  She has truly wrapped her head around her experience on this show as the opportunity that it is.  A life altering moment.  She's who I want to emulate.  

I’m going to go finish decorating my tree and see who won the show.

Merry Christmas to you and your families.  If you are as lucky as me, you too are blessed and it is a amazing time to be alive and well!

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